BreakThrough Vision Series Hard-Case Handgun Cleaning Kit - Multi Caliber

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Compact Vision Series Cleaning Kit line offers you everything you need to ensure a thorough clean. Its plastic tray keeps all the various pieces of the kit organized neatly inside a durable case that acts like a mini toolbox. These cleaning kits come with cleaning rod sections, various hard bristle nylon brushes, jags, patch holders, and cotton patches. Also included is a durable and detachable aluminum handle with knurling for an easy grip and our mini bottle of Battle Born High-Purity Oil. Kit Includes: 2 Brass Rods 1 Aluminum Handle 3  Nylon Bristle Bore Brushes (.38 cal/9mm, .40 cal/10mm, .45 cal) 3 Cotton Bore Mops (.38 cal/9mm, .40 cal/10mm, .45 cal) 1 Muzzle Guard 1 Brass Patch Holder 3 Brass Jags (.38 cal/9mm, .40 cal/10mm, .45 cal) Patches 1 12ml Bottle of Battle Born High-Purity Oil
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