Tandemkross Wingman +5 Magazine Bumper for Taurus™ TX22

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At a glance: Increase your magazine size by 5 Improves grip for magazine changes Included Green Springs provide extended life *Includes two base pads per order* Now available for the Taurus TX22™, the TANDEMKROSS "Wingman" +5 Magazine Bumpers, are designed to enable your factory 16 round magazines to load 5 extra rounds, or up to fifty percent more ammo! These bumpers extend the bottom of the magazine to allow for more grip and better handling; resulting in improved accuracy. Even more importantly, the extended bumpers help with seating magazines securely into the pistol frame by providing extra material to "bump" them into a locked state. From competition shooters to casual backyard plinkers, everyone can benefit from a two-pack of these simple to install upgrades. Don't load less ammo, load more with the TANDEMKROSS magazine bumpers! Includes the TANDEMKROSS Green Magazine Springs consistently reliable feeding and extended life! *Green springs are designed to work in combination of the “Wingman” +5 Magazine Bumpers. *Update* - Hardware package now includes a small shim for each bumper. -Please refer to the installation instructions for more information   
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