UM Tactical G-Series Trigger Guard Holster w/ Lanyard

UM Tactical
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The Trigger Guard by UM Tactical is a simple and effective concealment tool made of high performance Boltaron. It completely covers the trigger of the pistol, providing a safe way to conceal carry a loaded firearm in situations where a traditional holster is not practical. Have you found yourself carrying concealed and the clip is too bulky? Or carried with a shirt tucked in and the clip sticks out like a sore thumb? Or have you just wanted a true real deep concealment option? Look no further, this is your answer.


You can simply run the landyand through your belt loop if not wearing a belt, but best practice would be running it with a belt and allowing your pant and belt to create just the right amount retention on the holster up against your body. If using a belt, wrap landayrd around your belt to prevent abuse on belt loop. Without the use of the clip you can find the most comfortable spot to carry your firearm. When you draw your handgun, the holster will sit on your side waitng to be reholstered.


Fits the the following models:

G2c/G3c/G3/G3X/G3XL/PT111 G2

Taurus G2c
Taurus G3c
Taurus G3
Taurus G3X
Taurus G3XL
Taurus PT111 G2