Taurus EDC Fanny Pack

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  • Large Interior Pocket with a elastic panel to hold documents or holsters back
  • Rear Zippered Pocket with velcro loop inside
  • Medium sized pocket on the front sized to hold large sized phones and wallets
  • Adjustable strap for waist size
  • Pouch on top to hold Trauma Shears/TQ/etc
  • Pull Cord YKK Zippers
  • Adjustable from 30" - 51" Waist


Using a fanny pack to carry a handgun can offer several potential benefits in certain situations:

1. Concealment: Fanny packs provide a discreet and inconspicuous way to carry a handgun. They blend in with casual attire and can help keep the firearm hidden from view, minimizing the chances of alarming or attracting attention.

2. Accessibility: Fanny packs allow for quick and easy access to a handgun. With the firearm secured in a designated compartment within the pack, it can be readily accessible when needed, reducing the time required to draw the weapon in a self-defense scenario.

3. Convenience: Fanny packs provide a hands-free carrying option. By wearing the pack around the waist, the weight of the firearm is distributed evenly, freeing up the hands for other tasks. This can be particularly advantageous for individuals engaged in outdoor activities or those who require mobility while having a firearm readily available.

4. Organization: Fanny packs typically come with multiple compartments and pockets, allowing for organized storage of additional items such as spare magazines, pepper spray, or a flashlight. This helps keep essential items within easy reach, ensuring preparedness in various situations.

5. Comfort: When designed with ergonomic considerations, fanny packs can offer comfort during extended periods of wear. Padded belts, adjustable straps, and breathable materials can enhance the overall experience of carrying a handgun in a fanny pack.

While there are potential benefits to using a fanny pack for carrying a handgun, it's crucial to balance them with safety considerations and legal requirements. Adhering to local laws, receiving proper training, and ensuring the secure holstering of the firearm are paramount to responsible and lawful firearm ownership.
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  • 5
    EDC Fanny

    Posted by Anthony on Nov 21st 2023

    Love it, fits perfect. Wallet, gun and phone pouches are perfect sizes. Highly recommend if you don’t like holsters

  • 5
    EDC fanny pack

    Posted by Gregory Newman on Aug 28th 2023

    Nicely made, an great price, have to get a holster with velcro on the back to work. Otherwise excellent design.

  • 5
    Fanny pack

    Posted by Jack Beaudette on Aug 23rd 2023

    Excellent idea for EDC, great product at a reasonable price, and it's so versatile