Multitasker Twist® Multitool Pen Bronze Taurus Branded

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Product designed and manufactured by Multitasker Tools and Co-Branded with Taurus USA.


Whenever you're really in a pinch, the TWIST is there for you. From pistol to hunting revolver or even your carbines. Perfect tool to drop in your Taurus Range Bag, your hunting pack, or even your EDC pack. Takes up less space than your traditional multitools and has all the essentials you need.


Aimpoint® Micro Sight Adjustment

  • Quickly and easily make adjustments on all Aimpoint® Micro sights with the endcap of the Twist®. Perfect for those Raging Hunters or carbines. 


Magnetic 1/4″ Bit Driver

  • The Twist® comes with a front sight tool for AR style carbines installed into the 1/4″ driver. Pull it out and install any of the bits that come with it.
    • Comes with No.1 Philips, 3/32 Slotted, 3/16 Hex, 9/64 Hex, 1/8 Hex, 7/64 Hex, T10 Torx and T15 Torx.
  • Will also fit any 1/4″ bit you need/have.


8-32 Male Thread

  • Included in the kit comes:
    • A pick for tight to reach spaces, parts and/or even carbon build up where you cant get other tools into.
    • 3/32 Pin Punch for dissembly.
    • Bolt Face carbon scraper.
  • Can be used with any pull-through/cable style cleaning kits.