Lakeline TX22 Stainless Recoil Assembly

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Recoil assembly for Taurus TX22 (NOT TX22 COMETITION). Stainless steel guide rod, sleeve and end screw with TiN finsh.

FINISHES. Metal parts that rub together or make contact with other metal parts will get visibly marked, scratched, or burnished. Even very hard finishes, like the black nitrite and gold TiN finishes we use will wear and that will be visible. Stainless parts will also get scratched, burnished, and show where they rub and touch other parts. This is normal and is not a defect.
Taurus TX22


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    Nice upgrade

    Posted by Felix on Apr 16th 2023

    Not a must have, but a nice to have item. Better recoil control and this spring feels much more solid than the factory one. They have different color, I should have gotten black and instead ended up with the stainless. No bog deal, overall a nice upgrade.

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    Recoil Assembly

    Posted by Gary on Mar 26th 2023

    Installation couldn't have been easier. I'm confident this part will last longer then me. Really like that it's Stainless.

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    Lakeline TX22 recoil spring assembly

    Posted by Eric Plummer on Mar 19th 2023

    Adds a bit of weight to the muzzle and more importantly adds a polymer buffer between the end of the spring and the slide.

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    Lakeline SS recoil spring

    Posted by JONATHAN W MILLER on Feb 16th 2023

    It makes a big difference than the plastic rod it comes with

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    Lakeline TX22 Stainless Recoil

    Posted by Dan on Feb 13th 2023

    I'm very happy with the my new stainless Guide rod assembly. It significantly improved my TX22 ammo feed and ejection. The gun will now accept any type brand of ammo.

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    Posted by Jonathan on Jan 29th 2023

    great improvement

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    TX22 Stainless Recoil Assembly

    Posted by Robert Waldrop on Dec 23rd 2022

    Very pleased with the product.

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    Work perfect

    Posted by Steven Olson on Aug 22nd 2022

    Turns the pistol into a diff animal. Smoooooth as hell action. Racking it used to feel notchy. Now smooth as silk. Great mod!!!

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    Recoil assembly

    Posted by Darren DeMatteo on Aug 5th 2022

    I just replaced it and it feels so much heavier and much better quality! I am very happy with it the guns shoots well with it.