Tandemkross Game Changer PRO Squared Compensator

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At a glance: - Designed to perfectly contour the TaurusTX™ 22 - Steel compensator adds weight for better balance, more accuracy - Proprietary coating makes cleaning the compensator easy - Vents gases at dual 45° angles for better visibility & control  When shooting rimfire competition, even milliseconds can mean the difference between first place and second place. And while .22lr pistols and rifles aren't known for their muzzle rise, even a small amount of muzzle rise can make moving between targets quickly and accurately a challenge.   Introducing the newest in the line of TANDEMKROSS compensators, the "Game Changer PRO Squared" steel compensator from TANDEMKROSS!! The prismatic lines of the "Squared" compensator, perfectly match the aesthetics of the TaurusTX™ 22 barrel! In fact, the  “Game Changer PRO Squared” Compensator for .22LR will accommodate any1/2x28 threaded barrel of the appropriate caliber. An instant upgrade for any rimfire competitor, or backyard plinker looking to reduce muzzle rise and shoot faster and more accurately.   The stainless steel compensator adds weight to the front of the pistol for better balance, reducing muzzle rise and improving accuracy when moving quickly between targets. The compensator vents  gases at dual 45° angles for better visibility and control, as well as keeping your red dot lense clear of any gases or debris.
Taurus TX22
Taurus TX22 Competition


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    Tk game changer pro compensator

    Posted by Gilbert Kruckeberg on Dec 28th 2023

    It is amazing. You can see the gases leaveing it and it look so cool. I love it. Great compensator Tandemkross

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    Get it!

    Posted by Christopher Tarpley on Dec 19th 2023

    I've used this compensator a few times now and I think it's great. It really helps negate recoil. One note, the single thin washer that comes with it is insufficient to back the o ring properly. I ordered a washer/shim kit from Tandemkross that has multiple washers in various thicknesses that improved mounting. Also, the compensator vents like to collect lead so a good cleaning after each use is necessary to avoid buildup. Some scraping wad required.

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    Looks nice, adds a bit of balance.

    Posted by John on Oct 30th 2023

    I like having it, but I only use it at the range or in competition matches. Not easy to EDC with this on. Easy to remove when needed. No blue lock tite needed, they included a rubber washer that compresses in to secure it tight. Hand tight is all you need. Makes the piece too long for edc.

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    Pro charger compensator

    Posted by Ernie Baughn on Aug 3rd 2023

    I really like this it’s perfect for me tx22 clocks perfect every time and the extra weight helps with faster recovery on target

  • 5

    Posted by Ralph on Jul 27th 2023

    You would not think this would make a difference but WOW! It does. I highly recommend this compensator.

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    Taurus TX22 Compensator

    Posted by Peter Beck Jr on Jun 28th 2023

    I am extremely pleased with this product. I is a value add to my pistol.

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    Game Changer

    Posted by Bill on Jun 25th 2023

    This is a must have for the tx22 competition. Easy on and off for cleaning. Fits and looks Great

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    Game changer square pro compensator

    Posted by Garrett jeunesse on May 24th 2023

    Excellent fit for my Taurus TX Compitition. Adds the right amount of weight up front.

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    Game changer pro compensator

    Posted by Tommie on May 11th 2023

    It works great I had no idea that it would make that much of a difference in shooting.