HKS Speedloader for Model 327

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For 327 small frame.


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    H and k speed loaders for the 327 6 shot taurus revolver

    Posted by Dexter J Bartlett on Apr 21st 2024

    These work the best .when I torstcdtarted out as a law enforcement officer, I carried a revolver back in 1971 and 53 years later I still have a revolver as a back up. These work hrest . Thanks again

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    Speed loader

    Posted by Carl Jordan on Feb 6th 2024


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    Posted by Bill on Nov 26th 2023

    I have had almost entirely semi auto pistols in the past with the exception of a Ruger Blackhawk and several .22 revolvers none of which can use a speedloader. I recently purchased a Taurus 327 double action and found loading one at a time was a bit slow in a needed quickly situation. I purchased two HKS speed loaders and they work quite well. I have noticed some folks complain about these in other reviews as to questioning whether they will work with "their" .327 revolver. If they are advertised on Taurus website, they should work. They do fit perfectly and reload in 1/6 the time required signally. I would purchase these again.

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    Works well.

    Posted by J.P. Strickland on Sep 25th 2023

    The product did fit my Taurus revolver in 327 Fed Mag. The problem I had was making sure this was the right speed loader for my revolver. It was listed as “HKS Speedloader for Model 327”. I couldn’t find anything about guns it fit. S&W also makes a model 327. Since this loader was a 6 round loader I assumed it would fit my gun. Fortunately it was the right one.

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    Good speedloader for Taurus Model 327 revolver

    Posted by Bill_F on Jul 30th 2023

    This HKS 32-K speedloader works well with my Taurus Model 327 (cal 327 Fed Mag 6-shooter wheelgun). To my surprise, a HKS 32-J speedloader, for J-frame 32 cal 6-shooters, doesn't work OK for the Taurus 327; likewise a Pachmayr scalloped aluminum speedloader for 32 cal J-models doesn't work very well with the Taurus 327. So the HKS 32-K speedloader is the right choice for Taurus 327 revolver.

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    Works perfect with model 327

    Posted by John G. Anderson on Dec 19th 2022

    good product